Organisational Description

Child Care and Youth Empowerment Foundation (CCAYEF) is a charitable non governmental organization (NGO) that was incepted in 2008 by three founding members.  They had a passion for seeing children nurtured holistically to realize their full growth and development potential. The organization is registered by Uganda Ministry of Internal Affairs – NGO Board (Reg No: 9464, CCAYEF. S. 5914/9236).


A world of empowered children, youths, and communities committed to social justice and peace.


Improving the well-being of vulnerable children and youth through education, socio-economic interventions, nutrition and primary health care.


Social Justice and Empowerment – enable people to claim their human rights, meet their health needs, and have greater control over the decision-making processes which affect their livesnnnnnn.

Love - committed to human kindness, compassion for others, and passion for our work.

Integrity - believing in what we do and doing what we believe ensures consistency between our values and our actions.

Professionalism – maintaining high expectations, competence, respect, focus, and reliability of our staff.

Our Commitments

Ensuring - access and choice for all children and youth within the community.

Encouraging - networking between individuals, communities and organizations.

Influencing - positive behavior change among youth.

Promoting - social change that is long-term and sustainable.