Girls Education Challenge (GEC) Project

Private Education Development – Network (PEDN) in partnership with Child Care and Youth Empowerment Foundation (CCAYEF) implemented a short term contract of service for 2 months in schools of Mukono district and Mukono municipality under the Girls Education Challenge (GEC) Project

CCAYEF offered advisory services to the GEC club members in 18 schools both primary and secondary of Mukono district

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11 were secondary and 7 primary schools

A total number of 440 members, 419 girls and 21 boys participated in the club activities.

Two visits were scheduled for each of the schools where the first visit was entirely for the trainings and the second visit for monitoring of the plans of action/interventions the GEC club members had come up with to address the problem identified in the schools.

Services offered included

  • introduction to soap making process,
  • giving more information on sanitation and hygiene management,
  • refresher trainings in gardening,
  • empowering the GEC club members and patrons to advocate for better services
  • facilities at school such as hand washing facilities,
  • better disposal facilities in the school compound among others
  • introduction to soap making process,
  • giving more information on sanitation and hygiene management,
  • refresher trainings in gardening,
  • empowering the GEC club members and patrons to advocate for better services
  • facilities at school such as hand washing facilities,
  • better disposal facilities in the school compound among others
  • 18,338 thoughts on “Girls Education Challenge (GEC) Project”

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