Priority strategic objective: “To strengthen organizational capacity and competences in governance, programing and execution of CCAYEF mandate”


Priority specific objective:



1. Strengthen local, national and international partnership and networks

This is achieved through; attending donor conferences and organizing information sessions, formulation of strategic partnerships with donor communities, academic institutions and rotary clubs , Participation in all the external events organized by CCAYEF partners and all key partnership activities as well as carrying out capacity building activities with all the partners through trainings , equipment donations and staff exchange activities


   2.To carry out research and development for effectiveness and efficiency in programming

Through; Carrying out situation analysis on targeted beneficiaries and beneficiary communities (specifically nutrition and family planning) and Developing/acquiring and disseminate work plans, reports and policy documents to and with all stakeholders and participate in local government budget conferences


3. To tool and re-tool CCAYEF

This involve renting office space, Purchase of computers, printers, furniture and accessories, Installation of security cameras and communication systems and Procuring vehicles/motor cycles


4. To operationalize all the organization structures

This involves Staff recruitments, training and capacity building and Staff welfare


5. To carry out resource mobilization

This is realized through Organizing fundraising events and Project proposal development.


6. To formulate and review policy documents and guiding manuals

This is realized through Monitoring and evaluation activities at all levels and at all time

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