What is CCAYEF?

CCAYEF is a local charitable and not for profit organization with invaluable experience in the design, management and promotion of appropriate child survival and youth empowerment strategies and actions that address their growth and development challenges. 

How was CCAYEF started?

It was founded in 2008 as a Community Based Organization (CBO), recognized by Mukono district (Reg No: MKN/CBO/183/2011), Mukono Municipality (Reg No: MC/CBO/CCAYEF/199). It later progressed to be a Local Non-Government Organization registered and Incorporated by the Uganda Ministry of Internal affairs (Reg No: S. 5914/9236). CCAYEF is a Member of Mukono District NGO Forum (Reg No: S.5914/9236). It is also a member of the National NGO Forum (Membership No: CYE-5-217).

How effective is CCAYEF?

We are passionate about the mothers and our ultimate goal is to deliver high impact, cost effective interventions   to enable children and youth to realize their full growth and development potential. These are realized through three thematic areas namely;

  • Orphans and other Vulnerable Children (OVCs)
  • Adolescent Health and Empowerment (AHE)
  • Organizational strengthening and capacity building (OSCB)

I would like to Donate, is it Possible

Sure, you can donate. Your donation will be appreciated. Please follow this link; https://www.givingway.com/organization/child-care-and-youth-empowerment-foundation to make your donation.

Do you stay in touch with donors?

CCAYEF consistently keeps in touch with her donors to Update and give them Feedback and impact of their support to CCAYEF activities in form of reports, testimonies, photos and videos.

How do i stay in touch?

Either by posts or Email. You can also contact us directly here; ………………………………………..

Can I visit the country or visit the program am sponsoring?

 Exactly, your visit will give you a chance to connect with the children and youth you have been donating to and help you participate/volunteer in the activities that have been set to better their lives.

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