Health is another strategic priority area which focuses on Health awareness and prevention of infections, promoting health seeking behaviors, improving nutrition, household and community hygiene, this is achieved through life skills training, provision of Sexual Reproductive Health Rights (SRHR) information and linking to services, HIV/AIDS prevention services. This is all implemented putting on the front the priority main strategic objective;  “To eliminate health disparities among children and youth by addressing social determinants of health in communities we serve”


Priority area specific objectives


              1. To prevent and reduce disease morbidity and mortality incidences among children and youth

To achieve this objective different activities are designed and implemented i.e. Community sensitization on primary health care, malaria, HIV AIDs and T.B prevention management and facilitation of referrals of the sick to Health Facilities as well asdissemination and distribution of mosquito nets


               2. To promote and strengthen safe motherhood and child survival.

This is fulfilled through Educating adolescents on child management, early pregnancies and second un-wanted pregnancies prevention.


               3. To promote and strengthen adolescents and maternal health.

This is sought through; holding out reach programs to educate communities on reproductive and maternal health and Involving healthy facilities and train health workers/community health extension workers on safe motherhood


                4. To eliminate health service gaps that hinder uptake of health services by the youths.

Through carrying out integrated and optimized HIV testing, community mobilization for uptake of integrated health promotion and prevention services focusing on (VMMC), Training community volunteer’sand peers mentors on ASRH and strengthening already existing youth corners to offer youth friendly services

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