Vocational Skills Training

This initiative is aimed at equipping the teen moms, and vulnerable young women with various skills in flower arrangement and decoration, tailoring and fashion designing, hair dressing and salon, making, making re-usable sanitary pads, liquid soap and hair shampoo depending on one’s interest to support and empower them become better parents and take steps to self-sufficiency.

The vocational skills courses are offered for a period of two months to one year where youth from all backgrounds learn a variety of income generating activities and skills. The classes are held at the CCAYEF offices and all materials and supplies necessary remain at the on-site training center.

Teenage mothers and pregnant teens that are enrolled in the life skills courses under the maternal health division are encouraged to either return to school or to enroll in the vocational skills program post-delivery, to enable them to support their babies and achieve economic independence. For such vulnerable youth, CCAYEF can help subsidize the cost of the program in the same way they can help pay school fees for those mothers that choose to return to school.

In addition to the courses offered at the CCAYEF training center, our staff have worked with many other groups to train them in Re-Usable Menstrual Pads (RUMPs) making, sewing bags, and soap making. These groups have included established community womens groups in and around Mukono, primary school pupils, and primary school teachers in Mukono District.

Priority Areas:

Tailoring and Fashion Design

Students are trained by a local tailoring professional at the CCAYEF office with machines and materials provided by CCAYEF. The classes run for one year and meet five days a week, with the trainer on location three days of the week and the remaining two days are reserved for homework and class projects.

Some of the sewing machines recently purchased by CCAYEF, made possible with the support and kindness of our donors.

Hair Dressing

Similar to the tailoring and fashion design program, the hair dressing classes run for one year, five days a week. The professional trainer is on location three days a week and the remaining two days are for homework and class projects. All necessary machines, tools and products are provided by CCAYEF and remain at the offices.

Jewelry Making

The jewelry making classes will run for two months and are held 1-2 times weekly, depending on demand and enrollment. The materials are provided by CCAYEF and remain at our premises. Our own CCAYEF staff is Ruth is trained in jewelry making and runs these classes.

Liquid and Bar Soap Making

These trainings take place one to two times based on interest and current enrollment, and these skills can be learned in one or two days. All materials are provided by CCAYEF.

Floral Arrangement and Decoration

This is a yearlong training course that trains students in floral arrangements and decoration for weddings or large parties. The class meets 1-2 times weekly and is run by CCAYEF’s programs coordinator, Proscovia. All materials are provided by CCAYEF.

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