Child Care And Youth Empowerment Foundation

Child Care and Youth Empowerment Foundation (CCAYEF) is a local, non-profit registered NGO founded in 2008. CCAYEF operates in Mukono district , Uganda.

Welcome to CCAYEF

Child Care and Youth Empowerment Foundation (CCAYEF) works in the various thematic areas of Early Childhood Development, Vocational Skills Training, Adolescent health and empowerment (AHE) and Teenage mother Rehabilitation. Additionally, the organization offers nursery and daycare services for the children of the teenage mothers they serve, and for the greater community. To find out more about these departments

What We Do

Prevent and protect children from sexual abuse annd improve livelihoods for teenage mothers and their babies.
Provide young people with knowledge and skills necessary for healthy development and self-reliance.
Strengthen service delivery and develop institutional structures to support integrated programs
Early Childhood Development (ECD) and Early Pregnancy Prevention
Education is a social investment that is important for social change in any community. This is one of the outcome indicators of our interventions in teenage mothers’ rehabilitation
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Adolescent Health and Empowerment (AHE)
Provision of adolescent sexual and reproductive health (ASRH) information and services to in- and out-of-school youth. Prevention of teenage pregnancies.
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Organisational Strengthening and Capacity Building
Priority strategic objective: “To strengthen organizational capacity and competences in governance, programing and execution of CCAYEF mandate”
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